8 Pop Artists You'll Stan In 2018

Here are your standidates for 2018 in no specific request

8 - Maggie Rogers : 

Sounds like: If a women's activist forest fairy got lost and wound up in New York City. 
Melody to tune in to first: "Pooch Years" 
Emerge verse: "I include my opportunity puppy years/Swimming in sevens, moderate moving in seconds/Oh, and I'm the one that affections you." 
Why you'll stan: She's an unassuming nature sweetheart who some way or another turned into a web sensation, and she's not attempting to fit into any molds at any point in the near future. 


Sounds like: If all the young men in detainment got together and framed a raucous, zoo-like "kid band." 
Melody to tune in to first: "BOOGIE" 
Emerge verse: "Best kid band since One Direction/Makin' n*ggas tingle like a skin contamination." 
Why you'll stan: The 12-part music aggregate uses its assorted variety further bolstering its good fortune. 

6 - Billie Eilish : 

Sounds like: Airy, blue, glitchy confession booths. 
Tune to tune in to first: "watch" 
Emerge verse: "In the event that we were intended to be/We would've been at this point." 
Why you'll stan: The 16-year-old artist lyricist and artist is centered around being capricious. Additionally, her center name is Pirate. 

5 - Aminé : 

Sounds like: Buzzing neon rap with a comical inclination. 
Tune to tune in to first: "Flavor Girl" 
Emerge verse: "I require a Spice Girl/Zig-a-zig-ah, fuck up my entire world/Pause when she talk, nothin' like old young lady/Scary and Sporty, disclose to her what I need." 
Why you'll stan: He's not reluctant to wear sparkle and cosmetics, and he transparently challenges the disgracing of psychological sickness in dark culture. 


Sounds like: A whole European move club made up of just two individuals. 
Melody to tune in to first: "Closest Friend" 
Emerge verse: "I imagine that I'll continue cherishing you/Way past sixty-five/We made a dialect for us two/We don't have to portray." 
Why you'll stan: They're a bibliophile and a trying ball player-turned DJ who make move music, all while playing with classification and once in a while citing Brazilian writers. 

3 - Mø : 

Sounds like: A legit, crackling voice that adds a fluffy surface to flowy, stadium pop. 
Melody to tune in to first: "Don't Leave" 
Emerge verse: "I may not ever get my crap together/But rather ain't no one going to love you better." 
Why you'll stan: The FADER composed that she "finessed Anarchist punk life into worldwide pop fame." 

2 - Pearla : 

Sounds like: A chest of your old youth toys springing up. 
Melody to tune in to first: "Some place" 
Emerge verse: "I can't tell the distinctive between/Myself and the container of pastels I have utilized/To shading in someone's phantom." 
Why you'll stan: The society artist makes electronic music her own with her capricious nature and wide-peered toward trustworthiness. 

1 - SZA : 

Sounds like: A closest companion trusting in you, however set over some infant making R&B beats. 
Tune to tune in to first: "Supermodel" 
Emerge verse: "Abandon me desolate for prettier ladies/You know I require excessively consideration for poo like that." 
Why you'll stan: BuzzFeed Reader has called SZA's music "a dark young lady's tumblr become animated" as it's "self-addressing, self-avowing, and as relatable as it is close to home."

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